*This is where you can find all the documents you will need.  Remember, this protocol is meant to be adaptive and changeable.  Please check the dates to be sure you have the most recent version.*

adobe_pdf_2_74930Downloadable protocol – English (4-page booklet fold) Updated March, 2015

  •  This document will print out in a booklet spread.  It is designed to be printed double-sided and you can lay the pages one on top of the other, as they print out, and staple in the middle to form your booklet.

adobe_pdf_2_74930Downloadable protocol – English (2-page spread) Updated March, 2015

  •  This document will print out in a 2 page spread, as a regular pdf.  If you cannot do double-sided printing, this document will print the pages in order single sided, with two pages per sheet.


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